Survival Guide: How to Make Gas in Ark Survival Evolved

Survival Guide: How to Make Gas in Ark Survival Evolved

Are you struggling to find gas in Ark Survival Evolved? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through all the steps you need to know to make gas efficiently in the game. From gathering resources to setting up the perfect base, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to become a gas-making pro in Ark Survival Evolved!

Understanding Gasoline in Ark Survival Evolved

What is gasoline used for in the game?

In Ark Survival Evolved, gasoline is a vital resource used for various purposes. It is primarily used as fuel for powering certain structures and tools, such as the Fabricator, Industrial Grill, Chemistry Bench, and Chainsaw. Gasoline is also used to operate certain vehicles, such as the Motorboat, Gasoline-powered Generator, and Tek Generator. Additionally, gasoline is required to power the Tek Teleporter and Tek Turret.

How to obtain gasoline in Ark Survival Evolved

There are several ways to obtain gasoline in Ark Survival Evolved. One common method is by crafting it in the Refining Forge or Industrial Forge using Oil and Hide. Oil can be obtained by harvesting Oil Rocks found in the ocean or underwater caves, while Hide can be obtained from killing various creatures in the game. Another method is by using the Chemistry Bench to combine Hide, Oil, and Sparkpowder to create gasoline.

Players can also find gasoline in supply drops, loot crates, or by killing certain creatures, such as the Trilobite or Deathworm. Additionally, some structures in the game, such as the Gas Collector, can passively produce gasoline over time. Players can also trade with other survivors or tribes to obtain gasoline if they are unable to produce it themselves.

Gathering Resources for Gasoline

In Ark Survival Evolved, gasoline is a crucial resource for powering various structures and equipment. To produce gasoline, players need to gather specific resources such as oil, hide, and crystals. Here is a guide on how to efficiently gather these resources:

Harvesting oil from oil nodes

Oil nodes can be found scattered across the map in Ark Survival Evolved. To harvest oil, players can use a pickaxe or an Ankylosaurus. Simply approach the oil node and start gathering oil. Be cautious as some oil nodes may be guarded by dangerous creatures like Trilobites or Megalodons.

Obtaining hide for gasoline production

Hide can be obtained by hunting and killing various creatures in Ark Survival Evolved. Some of the best sources of hide include Raptors, Sabertooths, and Mammoths. Once you have gathered enough hide, you can use it in the refining process to produce gasoline.

Finding and collecting crystals for gasoline

Crystals are a rare resource that can be found in caves or near mountainous regions in Ark Survival Evolved. To collect crystals, players can use a pickaxe or a Metal Hatchet. Keep an eye out for dangerous creatures like Bats or Spiders that inhabit caves where crystals are commonly found.

By efficiently gathering resources such as oil, hide, and crystals, players can produce gasoline to power their base and equipment in Ark Survival Evolved. Remember to always be prepared for unexpected encounters while gathering these resources.

Crafting Gasoline

In Ark Survival Evolved, gasoline is a crucial resource used to power various structures and devices. To ensure your survival in the game, it’s essential to know how to craft gasoline efficiently.

Using an industrial forge to craft gasoline

One of the most common methods for crafting gasoline is by using an industrial forge. To do this, you will need to gather resources such as oil and hide. Place these resources in the industrial forge and light it up to start the crafting process.

Creating a chemistry bench for gasoline production

Another effective way to produce gasoline is by creating a chemistry bench. This structure allows you to combine resources like oil and hide with other ingredients to produce gasoline. Once you have set up the chemistry bench, you can start the production process by following the crafting recipe.

Alternative methods for crafting gasoline

If you don’t have access to an industrial forge or a chemistry bench, there are alternative methods for crafting gasoline. One option is to use a cooking pot or a refining forge to create gasoline, although this method may be less efficient compared to using specialized structures. Additionally, you can also find gasoline as loot in various locations throughout the game.

By mastering the art of crafting gasoline in Ark Survival Evolved, you can ensure that you have a steady supply of this valuable resource to power your base and equipment. Experiment with different methods and find the one that works best for your gameplay style.

Using Gasoline in Ark Survival Evolved

Gasoline is a vital resource in Ark Survival Evolved, used for a variety of purposes to help players survive and thrive in the game. Here are some key ways in which gasoline is used:

Fueling generators and fabricators

Generators and fabricators are essential structures in Ark Survival Evolved that require gasoline to function. Generators are used to power electrical devices and structures, while fabricators are used to craft advanced items and equipment. By keeping these structures fueled with gasoline, players can ensure that they have a steady supply of power and can continue to progress in the game.

Powering vehicles and machinery with gasoline

Gasoline is also used to power vehicles and machinery in Ark Survival Evolved. Whether it’s driving a dune buggy across the map or operating a chainsaw to gather resources, gasoline is necessary to keep these tools and vehicles running smoothly. By keeping a supply of gasoline on hand, players can explore the world more efficiently and gather resources more effectively.

Storing and preserving gasoline in the game

To ensure that gasoline is always available when needed, players can store and preserve it in various ways. Gasoline can be stored in containers such as gas cans or gas tanks, which can be placed in storage boxes or refrigerators to keep them safe. Additionally, gasoline can be preserved by keeping it in a preserving bin with spark powder, which will prevent it from spoiling over time.

In conclusion, gasoline is a valuable resource in Ark Survival Evolved that is used for a variety of important tasks. By understanding how to effectively use and preserve gasoline in the game, players can ensure that they always have a reliable source of power and fuel to help them survive and thrive in the harsh world of Ark.

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