Survival Crafting: How to Make Fiber Mesh in Subnautica

Survival Crafting: How to Make Fiber Mesh in Subnautica

Are you struggling to find the necessary materials to craft Fiber Mesh in Subnautica? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of gathering the required resources and crafting this essential item for survival in the underwater world of Subnautica. Follow our expert tips and tricks to ensure you have all the tools you need to thrive in this challenging environment.

What is Fiber Mesh in Subnautica?

Definition of Fiber Mesh

Fiber Mesh is a crafting material in the popular underwater survival game, Subnautica. It is created by combining two samples of Creepvine in the fabricator. Creepvine can be found in the shallower regions of the ocean, making Fiber Mesh an essential resource for survival in the game.

Uses of Fiber Mesh in Subnautica

Fiber Mesh has multiple uses in Subnautica, including crafting essential items such as:

  • Basic Fabricator Tools
  • Radiation Suit
  • First Aid Kits
  • Fiber Mesh is also used in building various structures and equipment throughout the game. Its versatility and importance make it a valuable resource for players looking to survive in the harsh underwater environment of Subnautica.

    Materials Needed to Make Fiber Mesh

In order to make Fiber Mesh in Subnautica, you will need the following materials:

Gathered Resources

  • Creepvine Sample x2

Crafting Tools

  • Fabricator

Once you have gathered the Creepvine Samples, head to a Fabricator and follow the crafting recipe to create Fiber Mesh. Fiber Mesh is a crucial crafting material used in various equipment and tools in Subnautica, so make sure to always have a good supply on hand.

Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Fiber Mesh

Collecting Resources

Before you can craft Fiber Mesh in Subnautica, you will need to gather the necessary resources. To make Fiber Mesh, you will need Creepvine Samples. These can be found on the Creepvine plants that are scattered throughout the underwater world of Subnautica. You can harvest Creepvine Samples by using a knife to cut them from the plants.

Using the Fabricator

Once you have collected enough Creepvine Samples, you can head to your base or any Fabricator location. Interact with the Fabricator and select the option to craft materials. Look for the Fiber Mesh option in the crafting menu.

Crafting Fiber Mesh

After selecting the Fiber Mesh option in the Fabricator menu, you will be able to craft the Fiber Mesh using the Creepvine Samples you have collected. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to complete the crafting process. Once completed, you will have Fiber Mesh ready to use for crafting various items and equipment in Subnautica.


In conclusion, mastering the art of survival crafting in Subnautica is essential for thriving in the harsh underwater environment. Knowing how to make fiber mesh is a crucial skill that can help players create essential tools and equipment to aid in their exploration and survival. By following the steps outlined in this article, players can easily gather the necessary resources and craft fiber mesh to unlock new possibilities in their underwater adventure. So dive in, gather resources, and start crafting your way to success in Subnautica!

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