Summer Side Dish: How to Make Frozen Corn on the Cob

Summer Side Dish: How to Make Frozen Corn on the Cob

Looking for a simple and delicious side dish to accompany your summer meals? Frozen corn on the cob is a quick and easy option that will add a burst of sweetness to your plate. In this article, we will walk you through the steps to make perfect frozen corn on the cob every time. From selecting the best corn to cooking it to perfection, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Using Frozen Corn on the Cob


Using frozen corn on the cob is incredibly convenient as it eliminates the need to shuck and clean fresh corn. With frozen corn, you can simply remove the desired amount from the freezer and cook it right away. This saves time and effort in the kitchen, making it a great option for busy individuals or families.

Year-round Availability

One of the biggest advantages of using frozen corn on the cob is that it is available year-round. Unlike fresh corn, which is only in season during the summer months, frozen corn can be purchased and enjoyed at any time of the year. This makes it a versatile and reliable option for those looking to incorporate corn into their meals no matter the season.


Frozen corn on the cob is also a cost-effective option compared to fresh corn. Since it is typically sold in bulk and can be stored for a longer period of time, you can save money by purchasing frozen corn in larger quantities. This makes it a budget-friendly choice for those looking to enjoy the delicious taste of corn without breaking the bank.

How to Prepare Frozen Corn on the Cob

Boiling Method

To prepare frozen corn on the cob using the boiling method, start by bringing a pot of water to a boil. Add the frozen corn on the cob to the boiling water and cook for about 5-7 minutes, or until the corn is tender. Remove the corn from the water and let it cool before serving.

Microwave Method

If you’re short on time, you can also prepare frozen corn on the cob in the microwave. Place the frozen corn on a microwave-safe plate and cover it with a damp paper towel. Microwave on high for 3-4 minutes, or until the corn is heated through. Let it cool for a minute before serving.

Grilling Method

For a smoky flavor, try grilling frozen corn on the cob. Preheat your grill to medium-high heat and place the frozen corn directly on the grill. Cook for about 10-15 minutes, turning occasionally, until the corn is charred and heated through. Serve with butter and your favorite seasonings.

Delicious Recipes Using Frozen Corn on the Cob

Corn Salad with Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes

Looking for a fresh and colorful side dish to serve at your next summer BBQ? Try this delicious corn salad with avocado and cherry tomatoes. Simply thaw out some frozen corn on the cob, then mix it with diced avocado and halved cherry tomatoes. Drizzle with a light vinaigrette dressing and sprinkle with fresh herbs for a refreshing and satisfying salad that will impress your guests.

Corn Chowder Soup

On a cool summer evening, there’s nothing better than a warm and comforting bowl of corn chowder soup. Start by simmering frozen corn on the cob in a pot with broth, potatoes, onions, and seasonings. Once the corn is tender, blend half of the mixture to create a creamy base, then stir in the remaining corn kernels for texture. Top with crispy bacon bits and a dollop of sour cream for a hearty and flavorful soup that will warm your soul.

Corn and Black Bean Salsa

For a zesty and flavorful appetizer or side dish, whip up a batch of corn and black bean salsa. Combine thawed frozen corn on the cob with rinsed and drained black beans, diced red onion, bell peppers, cilantro, and a squeeze of lime juice. Season with salt, pepper, and a hint of cumin for a tasty salsa that pairs perfectly with tortilla chips or as a topping for grilled meats. This vibrant and versatile dish is sure to be a hit at your next gathering.


In conclusion, frozen corn on the cob is a simple and delicious summer side dish that can be enjoyed by the whole family. By following the easy steps outlined in this article, you can have a tasty and nutritious addition to your next barbecue or picnic. Whether you choose to boil, microwave, or grill your corn, you can’t go wrong with this classic summer staple. So next time you’re looking for a quick and easy side dish, consider making frozen corn on the cob – your taste buds will thank you!

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