Funko Pop Faux: How to Spot a Fake Funko Pop

Funko Pop Faux: How to Spot a Fake Funko Pop

Are you a Funko Pop collector looking to expand your collection? With the rise in popularity of these adorable vinyl figures, it’s important to be able to distinguish between authentic Funko Pops and fake ones. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips and tricks on how to spot a fake Funko Pop and ensure that you are adding genuine pieces to your collection. Stay tuned to become a pro at identifying counterfeit Funko Pops!


When attempting to spot a fake Funko Pop, the packaging is a key element to consider. By carefully examining the box, you can often uncover telltale signs of a counterfeit product.

Check for spelling errors

One common indicator of a fake Funko Pop is spelling errors on the packaging. Funko is known for their attention to detail, so any misspelled words or grammatical mistakes are a red flag.

Inspect the colors and quality of the box

Another important factor to consider is the colors and overall quality of the box. Authentic Funko Pops feature vibrant colors and high-quality printing, so any dullness or blurred images may indicate a fake.

Look for any missing or incorrect information

Lastly, be sure to look for any missing or incorrect information on the packaging. This could include incorrect character names, missing logos, or inconsistencies in branding. Authentic Funko Pops will have all the necessary details accurately represented.

Quality of the Figure

When trying to spot a fake Funko Pop, one of the first things to examine is the quality of the figure itself. Fakes are often made with lower quality materials and may have noticeable differences compared to an authentic Funko Pop.

Examine the paint job for any imperfections

Authentic Funko Pops are known for their high-quality paint jobs with crisp lines and vibrant colors. When inspecting a Funko Pop for authenticity, pay close attention to the paint job. Look for any smudges, paint drips, or areas where the paint is chipped or uneven. These imperfections are often telltale signs of a fake Funko Pop.

Check for any loose parts or misalignments

Another red flag to look out for when identifying a fake Funko Pop is any loose parts or misalignments. Authentic Funko Pops are carefully assembled with precision, so any parts that are loose or don’t line up correctly may indicate a counterfeit figure. Make sure to check the head, arms, and any other moving parts for proper alignment and stability.

Compare weight and feel to an authentic Funko Pop

Lastly, comparing the weight and feel of the Funko Pop to an authentic figure can also help in determining its authenticity. Authentic Funko Pops are made with high-quality materials and have a solid weight to them. If the figure feels lighter or flimsier than expected, it may be a fake. Additionally, pay attention to the overall feel of the figure – authentic Funko Pops have a certain heft and quality to them that can be easily recognized with some practice.

Authentication Methods

When it comes to spotting fake Funko Pops, there are several authentication methods that can help you determine the legitimacy of a collectible. Here are some tips to help you authenticate your Funko Pop:

Use UV light to check for hidden markings

One way to spot a fake Funko Pop is to use a UV light to check for hidden markings. Many authentic Funko Pops will have special markings that are only visible under UV light. By shining a UV light on your collectible, you can easily check for these hidden markings and ensure that your Funko Pop is genuine.

Verify the serial number on the base

Another way to authenticate a Funko Pop is to verify the serial number on the base of the collectible. Each authentic Funko Pop will have a unique serial number on the base, which can be used to verify its authenticity. Make sure to check the serial number against official Funko Pop databases to ensure that your collectible is not a counterfeit.

Consult official Funko Pop databases for known counterfeits

Lastly, it is always a good idea to consult official Funko Pop databases for known counterfeits. These databases can help you identify common signs of counterfeit Funko Pops and provide guidance on how to spot fake collectibles. By staying informed and using these resources, you can better protect yourself from purchasing fake Funko Pops.


In conclusion, being able to spot a fake Funko Pop is crucial for collectors to avoid wasting money on counterfeit products. By paying attention to details such as the box quality, paint job, and overall design, collectors can ensure they are purchasing authentic Funko Pops. Additionally, purchasing from reputable sources and doing thorough research before making a purchase can also help in identifying fake products. With these tips in mind, collectors can continue to grow their Funko Pop collections with confidence and peace of mind.

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